Enjoy authentic tango dancers, accompanied by live musicians and singers and a dinner in an intimate and traditional atmosphere

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About us

Located in the historic center of the city, in the San Telmo neighborhood, El Querandí has ​​the best tango dinner show in Buenos Aires. This old house of 1920, carefully restored in 1992 after remaining 12 years closed, is characterized for having respected with absolute devotion the atmosphere that it had at the beginning of the last century; Adding, a service of excellence, an exquisite gastronomic menu with typical Argentine regional dishes and a tango show that shines for its quality and authenticity.

All this, of course, is possible thanks to the sincere respect that El Querandí has ​​for his past; Seeking at all times to keep alive the soul of tanguería, conserving in addition a warm, pleasant and intimate space, where the customer is attended in every detail so that you can experience a night that will be imprinted forever in your memory.

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Our style, closely linked to art, culture and gastronomy, is expressed in an unparalleled way in our tango dinner show in Capital Federal; An ideal way to fully experience the tango experience in a typical place, with deep historical roots, and with the possibility to taste an extensive menu of traditional dishes of our country, accompanied by our amazing wines.

The Querandí invites you to discover its ancient mysteries, to be located in the Buenos Aires of the early twentieth century, to travel from there the history of tango, to experience it intensely and passionately through their rhythmic chords and the sensuality of their Dance for later, to keep it alive forever in the memory. Our show, surprising for the quality and prestige of its artists, allows us to relive the history of tango night after night, after savoring the best of Argentine cuisine.


Living testimony of the citizen's memory

By having been restored to His Original Character

Ministry of Culture of the City

Coffee Notable

Only 53 award-winning, by antiquity, architectural design and relationship with significant cultural events and activities.

Ministry of Culture of the City


For heritage value as a representative building of the nineteenth century, built in 1860 and restored respecting its original demter and for promoting the Tango, considered a cultural heritage of the Argentine Nation.

Secretary of Tourism of the Nation

Certificate of Excellence Trip Advisor 2017

restaurant premioestrellas

Trip Advisor


The master Aldo Falasca, accompanied by his remarkable typical quartet of piano, contrabass, bandoneón and violin, are the musical protagonists of the most recognized dinner and tango show in Buenos Aires; And they are the most appropriate frame and support where the excellence and skill of our outstanding dancers will be in charge of filling the main hall with all the magic of tango, with its history and fascinating tradition.

The Querandí is an authentic icon of the city of Buenos Aires. It has been awarded by the Historical Museum of the City, under the title of "Living Testimony of the Citizen's Memory", due to the authenticity and fidelity with which its restoration was carried out in the year 1992, after remaining more Of 12 years left, has also been honored by the same secretary of culture as "Bar and Restaurant Notable of the City of Buenos Aires" and distinguished as "Site of Tourist Interest" by the Secretary of Tourism of the Argentine Nation.

In short, our proposal of a tango dinner show in San Telmo, in the historic center of the city, contains the very essence of Buenos Aires in its architecture of the early 20th century, with its art-deco façade, its salomonic columns, its floors Chess, their shields and their bows, invite to move to another time, to taste the most representative dishes of each region of our country accompanied by the recognized Argentine wines, and to enjoy the most authentic and passionate tango show of the city of Buenos Aires .


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